East Windsor McGraw-Hill Federal Credit Union President and CEO Shawn Gilfedder Address Praised at HCI’s Workforce Planning and Analytics Conference

February 28, 2014; East Windsor, N.J. - East Windsor-based McGraw-Hill Federal Credit Union President and CEO Shawn Gilfedder recently addressed the 2014 Workforce Planning and Analytics Conference, hosted by Human Capital Institute, The Global Association for Strategic Talent Management.  Mr. Gilfedder’s well-received remarks entitled “The Secret to Executive Support in the Modern Organization” provided key insights into the essential role human resources executives play in corporate management and strategic planning. He also covered the value of financial wellness in the workplace, a subject matter in which he is a respected national authority.

Mr. Gilfedder’s presentation was given to several hundred corporate management and human resources executives attending the conference in Alexandria, Virginia.  His remarks provided data and research relating to CEO perceptions as well as validation of the importance of HR in executive management decisions and planning.   

“Human Capital Institute is a leading and respected organization for human resources professionals and executives.  Presenting to this group gave me the opportunity to share my expertise in HR and corporate management.  My goal was to reinforce to those in attendance that HR executives and the responsibilities they have for people related programs, particularly financial wellness of employees, are vital for success,” said Mr. Gilfedder.

“The importance of HR in the C-Suite has never been more critical for the growth of organizations. Our members were captivated by Mr. Gilfedder’s remarks which covered both challenges faced as well as opportunities for HR executives. It is clear that he is a thought leader in the corporate HR space and his focus on financial wellness demonstrates he seeks to empower HR executives across the nation,” said Bill Craib, Senior Vice President, HCI Enterprise Practice, Human Capital Institute.

For more information about the 2014 Workforce Planning and Analytics Conference visit http://www.hci.org/hr-conferences/2014-Workforce-Planning-Analytics/overview.  For more information about McGraw Hill Federal Credit Union visit https://www.mcgrawhillfcu.org.

McGraw-Hill Federal Credit Union, a member-owned cooperative, is a leading and progressive financial institution committed to members and the community at large through financial technology, financial education and literacy, and a consultative approach to banking. The credit union offers a full range of banking, investing and insurance services to more than 20,084 members worldwide and serves more than 120 companies as a valued financial wellness benefit. For more information, visit www.McGrawHillFCU.org, and to view videos about McGraw-Hill FCU, visit www.youtube.com/McGrawHillFCU


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