While Your Body Is Aging - So Is Your Mind

Slow Down the Aging Process in Your Brain

We all try to stop the aging process! We use creams and pills and injections and more to attempt to keep our youthful look. We exercise and eat certain diets and get enough sleep to try to hold on to younger looking and feeling bodies. But how many of us actively try to stop our brain from aging?

Research shows that you can prevent or, at least, delay dementia and other age related brain diseases.

Here are 10 ways to boost your brain health:

1. Get Moving! The higher your exercise level, the better your reduction. Studies showed that as little as 15 minutes of regular exercise three times a week CAN make a difference with your brain health.

2. Pump some iron. Adding weight lifting or training to your exercise regimen increases growth levels of healthy brain functions.

3. Seek out new skills. Learning keeps your brain cells growing. When you challenge the brain, you increase the number of brain cells.

4.  Relax!! Meditate! Calm down! Chronic stress floods your brain with cortisol which can actually lead to impaired memory. The more calm you are, the clearer you think and the better your brain functions.

5. Eat a Mediterranean diet. Fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts, beans and healthy oils, such as olive oil. Omega 3 fatty acids are important in maintaining a healthy brain.

6. Spice it up! Certain spices are high in antioxidants. These pump up your brain power and brain health level.

7. Find your calling or purpose in life. Those who felt they were fulfilling their purpose, approached life with clearer intentions and goals. These people are less likely to develop dementia or Alzheimer's.

8. Get out there and socialize! People who regularly stay in touch with friends and family, and those who have regular social networks, have less risk of developing dementia.

9. Reduce your own personal risk. Keep your body as healthy as possible. Optimum weight, no smoking, and no other chronic health conditions can reduce your risk.

10. Take your vitmains. Vitamin deficiencies can actually cause your brain to not function properly. One particular vitamin important to your brain function is B12.

You can slow down the aging of your brain, just like you do with your body. Start trying now and you will thank yourself later on - because you will REMEMBER to!

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