Mercer County Children's Charity in Need of Donations

Children's Future's is looking for monetary contributions to help fund their Family Success Centers.

Children’s Futures, a non-profit organization that serves Mercer County, works to better the health and lives of children and their families. The Trenton based charity is looking for donations, as they are struggling to maintain Family Success Centers throughout Mercer County. The monetary contributions will be used to fund these centers, which provide an array of community-based support services.

The Family Success Centers offer informative programs that teach skills such as parent-child bonding, parenting basics, family safety, literacy, and how to identify quality child care. Additionally, the Family Success Centers provide resources for families looking for health care, employment resources, and other community support information. 

Children's Futures' main goal is to expand opportunities for children so that they are able to maintain a healthy lifestyle while diminishing the social difficulties that can lead them to be dependent and sick for the rest of their life. 

Patch has recently partnered with GoFundMe, a crowdfunding website that helps people and charities raise money for specific purposes. Children's Futures has launched a campaign on GoFundMe asking for support for their Family Success Centers throughout the county. To donate, simply click on the campaign above or visit the charity's campaign on the GoFundMe website by clicking here


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