Letter to the Editor: Larry Quattrone and Denny Hansen for Council

Hightstown resident Torry Watkins expresses support for Councilman Larry Quattrone and candidate Denny Hansen


To the Editor,

When you vote for Hightstown Council candidates this year, please consider Larry Quattrone and Denny Hansen.  Larry is the obvious choice for reelection this year. He is Hightstown's indispensable man. His record of concern for and dedication to the people of our town is unprecedented. He has worked tirelessly for all of us. Consider just one instance: the flooding from Hurricane Irene, when Larry WAS the municipal government, working to relocate police operations, to bring the water and sewer treatment plants back on line, and to give assistance to all of our residents and businesses who needed it. Larry wants to continue to serve us, and we should give him–and ourselves–this opportunity.

And, for the first time that I can remember (Eisenhower, maybe), this Yellow Dog Democrat is supporting a Republican–Denny Hansen–for public office.  Here's why: over the last year, five members of council have been irresponsibly holding the community hostage to the idea that Borough Hall should be rebuilt in a known flood zone. These members have violated the Sunshine Law by meeting in secret, and by setting public policy without public debate. I believe that their actions went against the expressed wishes and interests of the majority of Hightstownians who do not support this foolish decision or the way it came about. A decision, I might add, that was counter to the advice of engineers, planners, and environmentalists who have tried to warn us that future flooding could only be worse once the Turnpike interchange is completed.

I'm sorry to have to say this, but Gail Doran has been an enthusiastic participant in all of this. She defends the secretive process that will put the municipal building and police headquarters in the flood zone if she and her cohorts get their way. And, most baffling, she seems to have put her scientific training on the shelf in favor of putting our governmental operations in an active flood zone.

I believe that we need to reverse this craziness, starting with this election. We need to reelect Larry Quattrone and elect Denny Hansen. Two people who will listen to the majority of citizens who are tired of watching the train wreck that Borough Government has become over the past year.

-Torry Watkins

Hightstown resident


Editor's note: Find out more about the candidates through Patch's Election Guide.


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