Letter to the Editor: League of Women Voters Regrets Serrano's Lack of Participation

League of Women Voters President Deborah Macmillan responds to Hightstown Borough Council candidate George Serrano's Letter to the Editor


Dear editor,

The League of Women Voters of East Windsor-Hightstown regrets that Mr. Serrano chose not to participate in last night’s Forum for Candidates for Hightstown Borough Council. We would have liked to hear what he has to say in response to questions important to the voters who will choose their new or continuing council members. 

The League conducts its non-partisan forums as a service to the community as part of its mission to encourage informed, active participation in government. We work to make both registration and voting as straightforward and barrier-free as possible, and we encourage all potential voters to learn as much as possible about the stands of their candidates. We encourage all voters who could not attend the forums in person to watch the three Borough Council and five School Board candidates who did participate. The forums will be broadcast more or less continuously on Comcast Channel 27 and Verizon Channel 38 from now until November 6. 

We note that our access to these channels is through the East Windsor Regional School District. As we learned last year, that access is more successful when the person who teaches the TV Production Class, this year Mr. Andrew Koontz, is involved in recording the forums in the Hightstown High School media room. Last year that was not possible. This year’s initial checks on the quality of the recording were all positive. 

Finally, the League is a volunteer organization, open to all, both men and women, and regardless of party affiliation or lack thereof. We are proud of our history and we welcome new members interested in working with us to continue it. We would particularly welcome new members or associates interested in working with us to improve or simplify our process of conducting, recording, and broadcasting candidate forums consistent with our reputation for and history of impartiality.

- Deborah Macmillan

President, League of Women Voters of East Windsor-Hightstown

Curtis Crowell October 25, 2012 at 03:42 PM
Thank you, Ms Macmillan, for the work that you and the League of Women Voters do on behalf of the citizens of East Windsor and Hightstown. Last evening's event went very smoothly and provided an opportunity for each of the three candidates who participated to discuss their views on issues of concern to Hightstown voters.
Scott Caster October 25, 2012 at 09:44 PM
The League, led by President Deborah Macmillan, as well as Mr. Andrew Koontz and the students of the HHS TV Production class, all produced two well done debates last night. Both the Council and School Board debates revealed a lot about each candidate with very appropriate questions and for the most part, thoughtful answers. Good job.
B.Bennett October 28, 2012 at 10:45 AM
Watched this on television - too bad George didn't show up as he isn't even a choice now for us - we liked two of the three candidates and the way they think and the debate changed our mind as to who to vote for....we thought we knew until watching this....hopefully we will have a new council member....


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