Hightstown Police Launch Website, Facebook Page

One of the features allows for online crime reporting.

The has launched a website and Facebook page to increase the outreach and communication in the community and report minor crimes and code violations online. 

“The website and Facebook are two more ways of reaching out to our community that we serve, Director James Le Tellier said in an email. “They are important means of communication in the technology age.”

Visitors can send tips to police online, and there’s a tab to report minor crimes and local code violations, Le Tellier.

“Many times a victim on their way to work will get into their car and discover someone had entered their vehicle and stolen small amounts of money, or a GPS or other items. Because they are in a hurry to get to work and don’t have the time to wait for the police, they don’t report the incident. They can now do so from a PC or smart phone, and we can begin the investigation,” Le Tellier said. 

Although the department is still working on how Facebook will be used, they have linked the sites together to provide up-to-date information to the community, Le Tellier said. Links can also be found on the website to information including firearms applications, the Borough code and background check information. The police blotter is also posted on the site. 

“We are also adding a discovery link that will allow residents and attorneys immediate access to documents for their defense, while at the same time saving on labor costs, that would otherwise have to pull the records, make copies and mail it out,” Le Tellier said.

The website, created by Gary Stevens of 231 Studios in Hightstown, has been in the works for several weeks and features are continually being added, Le Tellier said. One feature at the bottom of the site allows those who are not fluent in English to change the language.

Le Tellier said the photos at the top of the site incorporate many of the initiatives within the department, including serving the community through programs such as donating toys to children and protecting the community from crimes.

“A picture speaks a thousand words and Gary, our designer, caught the essences of what our department stands for,” he said. “The [police] patch and monument speaks to the long and proud history of Hightstown and the sacrifice of those who came before us.”


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