Missing Lawrenceville Man Found

Update on missing Lawrenceville man.

The Lawrenceville man who has been missing since Saturday morning was found last night, according to Detective Sgt. Amodio. 

The initial search for Vernon F. Melville involved a state police helicopter flyover and the Mercer County Prosecutor's Office.

Since he was last seen on Saturday morning, Melville's cell phone had “pinged” off of cell towers in Baltimore, Md.,Wilmington, Del. and Philadelphia, Pa., according to Amodio.

Melville's bank accounts and credit cards showed no activity. It is believed that he was paying for his train and bus tickets with cash, according to Amodio.

Concerns for the elderly man, who does not have a history of wandering off, were heightened when it was discovered that he was without his high blood pressure medication.

Calls to the Melville home for comment were not answered.


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