One-Car Accident Disrupts Cable and Telephone Service

A portion of One Mile Road was without cable and telephone on Wednesday and Thursday.

A minor one-car accident left a portion of One Mile Road South without cable for a portion of Wednesday into Thursday.

According to police, a One Mile Road resident was backing out of his driveway at 10:11 a.m., Wednesday, Dec. 5, when he inadvertently hit the accelerator of the vehicle instead of the brakes, police said.

The mistake caused the vehicle to accelerate backward over a curb, grassy area, and back into his own driveway traveling in a large circle.  There were no injuries related to this incident, but the vehicle hit a small utility box, leaving at least one home without television or cable service.

Comcast reported that service was restored to the area on Thursday, Dec. 6.

The driver of the vehicle, Thomas St. Pierre, 79, received a summons for careless driving.


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