Police: Crime Rate Down in Hightstown

According to Uniform Crime Reports provided by Police Director James Le Tellier, Hightstown has seen a decline in crime rates this year

To address recent concerns about crime in Hightstown, Police Director James Le Tellier provided Patch with Uniform Crime Reports from July and August.

The reports, compiled by the New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety, compare crime rates from August 2011 vs. August 2012, January to August 2011 vs. January to August 2012, July 2011 vs. 2012, and January to July 2011 vs. January to July 2012.

“As I reported in the past, the increase publication of criminal activity may lead some to feel there has been an increase in crime,” Le Tellier said in an email. “However, the attached reports prove otherwise.”

Le Tellier addressed similar concerns in a to Patch readers in July. In the letter, Le Tellier states the perceived increase in crime comes from his policy of increasing press releases to keep readers informed and educated.

According to the crime reports, Hightstown has seen a decline in crime rates this year.

From January to August 2012 compared to January to August 2011, assaults were reduced by 50 percent and vehicle thefts were reduced by 100 percent. Hightstown saw a reduction of robberies by 33 percent, and rape was reduced by 100 percent. Only burglaries saw a rise of incidence, with about an eight percent increase this year. Overall, violent crimes are down by more than 54 percent.

Comparing July 2012 to July 2011, Hightstown saw more than a 45 percent decrease in crime this year. Notable is the reduction of simple assaults, with July 2011 seeing 6 assaults and July 2012 seeing none.

In August this year, Hightstown saw more than a 62 percent decrease in overall crime compared to August 2011. One simple assault was reported this August, compared to last August, which saw nine simple assaults.  Larcery saw a 30 percent decrease this August. All other crime rates in August 2012 saw a decrease of at least 50 percent compared to August 2011, except for motor vehicle theft, which saw no incidents this August or last.

Le Tellier said he will continue to keep the public informed.


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