Two Brick Residents Hospitalized after Saturday Crash

Driver and passenger remain in critical condition after striking utility pole, parked car

Two men from Brick are currently listed in critical condition at Jersey Shore University Medical Center after a motor vehicle accident which took place just before 2 a.m. on Saturday morning, on Cherry Quay Road.

23 year-old Waleed Emara of Brick was driving a 2009 Infiniti G37, accompanied by his passenger, 21 year-old Steven Wilson, also of Brick. Emara was driving north on Cherry Quay Road, about a quarter-mile from Drum Point Road, according to the Brick Township Police Department.

At that time, police say that after Emara navigated a curve in the road, he subsequently lost control of the vehicle and began continuing northbound in the southbound lane of travel. Emara then struck a utility pole on the opposite side of the roadway, which caused his vehicle to overturn and eventually also hit a parked car at 304 Cherry Quay Road.

Brick Police described that at the time the men hit the parked car, both were thrown approximately 25 feet from their own vehicle. According to witnesses interviewed by authorities, they observed Emara's car passing them and traveling at a high rate of speed just before the crash.

Multiple officers and EMS personnel arrived on scene, and stabilized both Emara and Wilson. The pair were transported to Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune, where they are listed in critical condition, according to Brick Police. Electrical wires were down in the vicinity of the crash area where Emara initially hit the utility pole, and that section of Cherry Quay Road remains closed at this time.

Sgt. David Bedrosian and Ptl. Jay Lampiasi from the Brick Township Police Department's Traffic Safety Division are investigating the accident. 

anonymous December 11, 2012 at 03:06 PM
Steven Wilson sadly passed away this morning.
Eric December 11, 2012 at 07:58 PM
Steven Wilson R.I.P Your were a heck of a guy that enjoyed life, how life should be joyed, you were a heck of a scooter rider and you always had the best at times... Your a true legend and will never be forgotten R.I.P Buddy!
susan Rowe December 12, 2012 at 01:58 AM
steve......i prayed by your bed side.......and prayed more at home.......and prayed in the car and prayed some more....i even begged God and asked for you to please be a Christmas miracle for your family. It didn't work. It simply didn't work. Steve i'm so lost. This is so heartbreaking...The candle vigil held for you tonight was beautiful and showed the quantity of people you touched in life. Simply amazing. I now pray again for comfort someday for your family who now live live without their son...without their brother and all of us without you as a friend. Rest in peace in Gods arms. you were a fine young man with so much life ahead. Love and Hugs to you all the way to heaven sweet child. Heartbroken doesn't cover it. Love mama Rowe
Rusty trumbone April 10, 2013 at 08:33 AM
To all you people that said Waleed was this brilliant amazing young man your full of shit. You think he bought an infinity by working at his dads diner? He sold drugs, did drugs, he drank an he drove. Steve wasn't at fault but he should've known better then to get inside a car with an impaired driver. Yes we all make mistakes noones perfect. But to do this shit on a regular basis eventually your luck is going to run out. Noone can drive faster then there angel can fly. Stress the fact of not operating a motor vehicle impaired. It's a danger to everyone. RIP guys I just wish everyone would make better decisions
Rusty trumbone April 10, 2013 at 08:38 AM
I assume they were impaired because they drank every night, smoked all kinds of weed and didn't think twice about anything. I drive that road everyday and to get killed on it makes no sense. It's a strait road with a 17 inch curve. Lookin cool speeding yelling yolo gets people's friends killed.


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