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Candidates Respond to Election Results

Local election winners offered words of thanks to their constituencies in East Windsor, Hightstown, and Cranbury

Cranbury Township Committee

David Cook, Cranbury Township Mayor

I would like to thank all the residents of Cranbury for their generosity and support. It would be impossible to be a competent steward of Cranbury without the input from its residents.

By being elected for another three years we, the current Township Committee, will be able to see through a number of large projects and capital improvements. These projects include the Dam and Bridge revitalization, Downtown Beautification Program and new infrastructure such as sanitary services.

Thank you again Cranbury for putting your trust in Jay and myself for another three years.

James (Jay) M. Taylor, Cranbury Township Committeeman

I want to express my dear thanks and appreciation to the voters in Cranbury for their support the past three years and the faith placed in me for the next three.

I will do my very best to ensure your trust and confidence is rewarded.

Cranbury is a special town and one that I am fortunate enough to have grown up in and call home. A town where I hope my daughter will see the value of a small town community where our neighbors are also our friends. I believe this election demonstrated that the voters in Cranbury believe in the old adage that political party is not a factor at the Township Committee level.

As a member of our Township Committee, my sole goal is to ensure I represent all residents equally regardless of political persuasion, length of time in our town or any other factor. By listening to all of our residents and appreciating our past we can ensure our town’s uniqueness is maintained for the future and that we continue to have one of the lowest property taxes in the county.

I’d like to congratulate Dave Cook on his re-election. We joined the Township Committee together and we have developed a very good working relationship. I have tremendous respect for Dave and know he has the same passion for Cranbury that I do.

I want to thank Cindy and Tom for running this year. I hope that they will stay involved in the community.

Hightstown Borough Council

Gail Doran, Hightstown Borough Councilwoman

Thank you to the voters of Hightstown for your support. I'm proud of the bipartisan team on the present council and glad that we can maintain the momentum.

East Windsor Regional School District Board of Education

Paul Connolly, Board of Education Member

I am looking forward to assisting the District as it continues to strive to provide the best educational experience for our students. We have many challenges ahead–tenure reform/teacher evaluations, curriculum updates per State Core guidelines, yearly and long-term budgets–but as a current Board member, I believe we have a strong administration that already has plans and is implementing them into our current procedures. It is a privilege to serve as a Board volunteer–like so many other parents, I realize that if we want better schools, we need to actively contribute to the process. Thank you to the residents who supported Alice, Ken, and myself - and God bless America!


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Robert J. Smentkowski November 10, 2012 at 07:49 AM
Due to the downed trees fron Hurricane Sandy,anyone with a wood splitter should take a trip through Clinton St. in Hightstown. FYI


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