Democrats Sweep in East Windsor, Cranbury and Hightstown

Official results are pending absentee ballot count and certification by the county clerk's office.

Unofficial election results brought a sweeping win for Democrats in East Windsor, Cranbury and Hightstown. 

Some races were close, separated only by a few votes. from the Townships and Borough Clerks.


East Windsor

Incumbents Janice Mironov, Marc Lippman and Peter Yeager, and newcomer John Zoller, won the four-year council seats in East Windsor.

Republican TJ Berdzik said even though he lost, he plans to run again.

“This is the first time I have ever run; it’s a great learning experience,” Berdzik said.

Robert Ertel said he feels more people should have come out to vote. “I feel that in a democracy the key is participation. In this township, we’re not seeing participation,” Ertel said. 

Some Republican candidates said they were disappointed by the outcome, and changes need to be made.

“We put in the time, we did as much as we could do,” said John Guarniere, who ran for a four-year council seat. “Unfortunately you have two Democrats for every Republican in East Windsor so the numbers are against you from the start.”

Changes he would like to see include televised council meetings and knowing an individual council member’s stance on an issue.

In an email Wednesday, Janice Mironov said thank you to the community and that they will continue to work hard.

"We are all excited for the opportunity to continue to serve the community and build on many of our policy directions including preservation of open space and farmland,expanding recreational opportunities and facilities, forwarding environmental initiatives, and pro-actively working to support and attract business, while pursuing revenue opportunities for our taxpayers through grants and private partnerships," Mironov said.

Marc Lippman said in an email Wednesday that he looks forward to the next four years serving the East Windsor community.

"This administration has always focused on getting things done and making East Windsor an exceptional place to live," Lippman said. "We will continue working hard, being fiscally responsible and I look forward to the next four years."



Rob Thibault, Susan Bluth and Gail Doran appeared to come out on top Tuesday night. The unofficial results left candidate Doran and Republican George Serrano separated by only a few votes.

“We ran a really clean campaign and whatever it is, it is,” Serrano said.

Doran said, “I think it’s evidence of how hard the campaign was on all sides,” referring to the small separation in votes.

Doran, who ran for the one-year open council seat, added that she was “thrilled” the Democrats came out on top.

“I am so glad that the entire team won. I think this is a great thing for Hightstown. I think we’re the team that can move the team forward,” she said.

Thibault, who ran for the three-year seat along with Bluth, said he wanted to thank everyone for their support and he is anxious to get started.

“They put their faith in me and I’m going to live up to it,” Thibault said. “I think with the outcome of the election we have a great council.”

Bluth said the team plans to fight what was promised in their campaign once they are sworn in. 

“I think that the results showed that the people of Hightstown have spoken out and they were obviously unhappy with what was being offered by our opponents and they put their support in us and we are going to come through for them,” Bluth said.

Republican Skye Gilmartin said shortly after unofficial results came in that she had already called her opponents to congratulate them.

“We wish the mayor the best of luck with his new team,” Gilmartin said. 

Republican John Archer, who also ran for a three-year council seat, said, “we wish all the candidates good luck.”



Susan Goetz, who was running for the first time for Township Committee, said she was excited about her win.

“I’m glad that there was a good turnout and I am looking forward to serving on Township Committee,” Goetz said.

Although votes came up short for Republican Karen Callahan, who was also running for the first time, she said she was pleased with the campaign she ran. 

“I’m proud of everything I’ve done,” Callahan said.

Margaret November 09, 2011 at 12:19 PM
Sad and pathetic on the part of East Windsor.
Joe VanHandel November 09, 2011 at 12:27 PM
One step closer to dictatorship. Disgusting


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