No Retreat From Barrier Islands, Vicari Vows

Beach replenishment and rebuilding will bring Ocean County shoreline back to life, freeholder says


The wounded oceanfront towns of the Ocean County shoreline will be reborn with a lot of hard work, Freeholder Joseph H. Vicari said.

"We will not withdraw from the barrier islands," Vicari said today. "We will do everything possible to replenish beaches and property as soon as possible."

County officials will make it a "top priority" to work with Federal Emergency Management Agency officials and other agencies, said Vicari, who serves as liaison to the county's Division of Travel and Tourism.

Vicari also said he plans to speak to Jersey Central Power & Light officials about better coordination of emergency crews on the ground to help out in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

"We need better management of the outside electrical company people," he said.

County residents have been calling about out-of-state contractors sitting in trucks at various areas for long periods of time," Vicari said.

"I'm very concerned," he said. "Go by Holiday Inn. Don't tell me it's a staging area."

Take a look at the 1960 Seaside Heights promotional film. It might make you feel a little warmer on a cold, wet day.

Watza November 13, 2012 at 02:56 AM
Who is paying for SSH and Point Beach boardwalk businesses and beaches to be rebuild or replaced? I thought they were privately owned. Why do we have to pay for privately businesses? Sure a lot of people have memories and enjoy the beaches and boardwalk. It is not free, we pay a lot of money just to get on the beach. So... Why do we have to pay for it again and again every time there is a storm. Let the owners pay. Don't they have insurance. They are the ones who were making all the money for all these years. If the state is going to pay for all the rebuild then it should be a state run amusement park.
A Resident November 13, 2012 at 03:10 AM
Jenks pays for the boardwalk businesses they own and whatever work Jenks will need on the beach where they own. Always have, always will.
careless fills November 13, 2012 at 03:38 AM
I seem to remember the 85 year old sherriff's 76 year old chief deputy dying in the last last year or two from a tragic home remodeling accident a year or two ago and he was the emergenc preparedness expert. Perhaps these guys should have some secession plan to pass down the accumulated wisdom for the future.
Watza November 13, 2012 at 11:38 PM
Always have and always will what? The government keeps on handing money out to all these towns, beach homeowners and businesses for their losses every time there is a storm. We the people keep on paying funding for sand and more sand to fill on all these beaches back up after every storm. AC Casinos, Race tracks and now possibly for a privately owned beach property, beaches and boardwalks. I wish the government would keep their hands out of my wallet to help subsides others. It is ridiculous, especially when I don't even live there and I have to pay to get on the all the beaches. I don't even think the residents that live there should pay for all those who decided that they wanted to buy a home on the beach, own a beach or business. Who has to pay for the boardwalk? The town, who gives the money to the town? FEMA does? Who pays for FEMA? We do, the consumers pay. All these shore towns should think twice about putting up a boardwalks again. Every large storm the boardwalks are torn up or blown over. If you don't think everyone is paying for all these problems in the end then you are in denial. Someone on these stories stated that Seaside was in the middle of repairing the boardwalk from the last storm. Who was paying for that? The resident's in that town through their taxes.
Jackie T. Craig November 15, 2012 at 03:45 AM
Basically the government supports and bails out only certain businesses that we have to pay for. They have bailed out banks, automobile industries, non profit big wigs. Like you said AC casinos, racetracks and possibly both beaches, privately owned beaches and businesses, and now the fishing industry. When and where does this stop and who do they expect should pay for it all? All the victims or non victims that were also hit by the storm. Why not support the little guys who actually runs the average worker in AMERICA.


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