Stahl, Pinkin and Contrino Win

Democratic incumbents win after voters pack the polls.

The Results are in!

East Brunswick voters elected Democratic Mayor David Stahl to serve as mayor and his incumbent running mates, Denise Contrino and Nancy Pinkin, to serve on the Township Council.

Voters also picked Vicki Becker, Kevin McEvoy and Meredith Shaw to serve on the school board.

They day saw heavy turn out, with poll workers saying there was a steady stream of voters all day, with lines forming a certain times.

When asked by Patch today, Facebook readers said a variety of factors went into their decision this year, not the least of which was Hurricane Sandy.

"Locally, my vote has been influenced enormously by the lack of leadership shown by our town officials in holding the utility companies responsible for their poor performance and our mayor's ill-advised recommendation to encourage people to let their kids go trick-or-treating last night," said Ellen Burke.

Elizabeth Bir game patch three reasons that went into her decision.

"1) Oh most importantly the way the Politicians handle crisis management situations for sure! 2) The Economy 3) What have the ones who are in office accomplished (where were we vs. where we are now as far as (jobs, unemployment, economy, etc.)..."

Bonnie Hussey said her elderl mother would be voting online today.

"Voting is very important today...my 88 yr old mom is displaced....and will vote online today at my daughters ...who has power in Howell...and we will NOT be voting for the party who believes in the "survival of the fittest"!!!!," she said.


Barack Obama 303 Mitt Romney 206


Democrat Results Republican Result David Stahl 11,186
Eugene DeMarzo 6,832

Township Council

Democrats Results Republicans Results Denise Contrino 9,583 Anthony Riccobono 7,586 Nancy Pinkin
9,867 Kermit Wade 7,162

Board of Education

Candidate Results Vicki Becker 7,019
Kevin McEvoy 8,080
Meredith Shaw 6,503

Board of Chosen Freeholders

Democrats Results Republicans Results H. James Polos 151,779 Abrar "Sam" Khan 80,095 Ronald Rios 150,230 Roger W. Daley 88,240

12th Congressional District

Democrat Result Republican Result Rush Holt *
Eric Beck

U.S. Senate 

Democrat Result Republican Results Bob Menendez *
Joe Kyrillos
Norman November 14, 2012 at 12:25 AM
Can someone please validate that Mr. Stahl is in fact Middlesex County Consumer Affairs' attorney? I did a bit of research but did not come up with anything about this. Not sure how relevant it is but I am curious.
Petra Sacco November 14, 2012 at 05:34 AM
I am on Connect, but ALL my service was out, as I explained above. Land line did not work either since I have Comcast :-(
Petra Sacco November 14, 2012 at 05:56 AM
Norman, I know you are trying to see things from both sides, and sound realistic. I've read your posts and agreed with some :-). Anyway, you still could have beenworking for them/ with them, that's why I asked :-). I still don't think they did such a great job with all the "storm" problems. Things could have been posted on paper on schools, supermarkets, churches etc. Town could have allocate some money for police, firemen,and EMT workers for example to go through the neighborhood and deliver important info. That's how they used to do it before we have cell phones. It seems to be a simple solution, what do you think?
Madeline November 15, 2012 at 03:42 PM
Petra - I'm sorry but I completely disagree with your "solution". The police department was insanely busy dealing with emergent issues as were the VOLUNTEERS from the fire department and VOLUNTEERS from the rescue squad. Some of these VOLUNTEERS actually took off of work from their real "paying" job so that they could respond to emergent issues in town during the aftermath of the Hurricane as a VOLUNTEER. To suggest that they should go door-to-door to deliver paper notices to residents is just absolutely ridiculous!!
Madeline November 15, 2012 at 03:44 PM
Jean ~ do you REALLY think that by the Mayor responding to a request from a newspaper reporter for a "quote" that this would have solved communication issues? Seriously??? EB did a MUCH better job than surrounding towns! ALL of you should STOP complaining and be thankful that you still have a home and your loved ones and did not lose it ALL like some residents in Sayreville, down the shore or in New York.


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