Hightstown HS Evacuates After Teacher Feels Sick from Fumes

All students are safe and being sent home early while hazmat teams scope out the building.

Hightstown High School was evacuated Friday because one of the teachers did not feel well after smelling fumes in the science lab, East Windsor Regional School District Superintendent Dr. Edward Forsthoffer said in a statement on the district website. Police and Hightstown Fire Department responded to the school. 

The high school was evacuated and students were kept warm in school buses as hazmat teams entered the building to examine the potential problem. Since this process will take some time, students will be sent home early on their assigned school bus, Forsthoffer said. No one was affected by the fumes and parents are asked not to come to the school. 

All items in the building must be left there as no one is allowed to enter the building. According to the superintendent, the school will contact parents later about how students can retrieve their personal belongings. Additionally, the school parking lot is full of emergency vehicles so students must wait until Saturday to pick up their cars. 


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