Peddie Students Participate in First Interscholastic Debate

Peddie's first interscholastic debate was held at Lawrenceville School two weeks ago.

Peddie's Speech and Debate Team participated in the school's first insterscholastic debate at Lawrenceville School on Wednesday, Feb. 13. Students debated on two topics: the rise of China, and the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to allow corporations the rights of individuals with regard to campaign financing (i.e. Citizens United).

Peddie was the negative for both two-on-two debates, arguing that the rise of China is bad for U.S. interests and that Citizens United was a poor ruling on the part of the Supreme Court.

Timothy Baxter '16 and Olivia Bundschuh '14 took on the China topic, and Joseph Werthan '16 and Benjamin Wagner '14 tackled the Citizens United debate.

According to Elias Gerasoulis '14, President of the Speech and Debate team, the first debate was a relative draw, and the second debate "was a clear-cut win for Peddie."

Elias Gerasoulis July 21, 2013 at 08:25 PM
Go Peddie Debate!


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