US Women's Soccer Wins Against Brazil in World Cup

Game score was 2-2, but United States wins 5-3 in penalty kicks.

Despite a wildly controversial referee call against the US Women's Soccer team, East Brunswick's and  the US came back in the 11th hour to tie the game 2-2 against Brazil and then won 5-3 in penalty kicks.

The US, which would have been bounced from the World Cup if they fell to Brazil today, now advances because they won on the penalty kicks in the game in Dresden, Germany.

The team advances into the semi-finals against France.

This afternoon's game will be re-broadcast at midnight on ESPN.

Abby Wambach, who had tremendous pressure on her to score, did just that with only minutes left in the heart-stopping game that swung between the US and Brazil.

Wambach's header blew the ball easily into the net, tieing the US 2-2.

Then came the penalty kicks where all five US kickers scored goals, putting the US over the edge and keeping it on this international stage.

Hope Solo, the US' goalie, had block after block after block in the nail-biter and is being lauded by one former champion soccer player on ESPN as "the world's best goalie right now."

Despite a controversial penalty call against the way she defended against a penalty kick, Solo maintained her composure and blocked a Brazilian penalty kick, helping the US seal the win.

Today is the anniversary of the 1999 World Cup win, where current Team Captain and Defender Christie Rampone was one of the players.

This is the fourth and last World Cup for Rampone, who was born in Florida, lived in Point Pleasant Borough for many years, graduated from the borough's high school as a star athlete and went on to excel in soccer at Monmouth University.

Rampone, a wife and mother of two young girls, lives in Manasquan and plays for Magic Jack, based in Florida.

The upcoming Olympics will be her last and then she will play only domestically.

Rampone was complimented by ESPN pundits a few times during the game for defending against Brazil, including haunting and then spooking Brazil's infamous Marta into making a wild kick that flew far above the net.

Wambach, interviewed just after the win by ESPN on the field, said, "I'm honored to be here. We can win this tournament. I don't know if you can write a better script. We got a win!"

US Coach Pia Sundhage reminded ESPN she is from Sweden said, "And I have the honor of coaching this team! I'm the happiest person in the world!"

For AOL's game story, see its website.

See the Associated Press story here, and for ESPN's video and take on the game, see ESPN's website.


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